Jessica Fortner creates all her illustrations using a combination of hand-drawn art and Photoshop-applied colour. In this tutorial she demonstrates how to take a beautiful drawing through to final rendering.

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This tutorial is based around a piece called Arctic Armor, which was part of a series of winter-themed postcards. With these she had fun with the concept of protective armour (both real and figurative), here signified by the armadillo’s outerwear.

Follow Jessica step-by-step as she creates the drawing in blue pencil, graphite and ink; prepares the scanned image for digital colouring; draws and colours elements using shape layers for greater ease of working; and fine-tunes the results. Jessica also gives you a handy tip for working with a drawing that’s too big for your scanner.

Time to complete

3 hours


Adobe Photoshop

Project Files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from

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