Igor Scekic is an illustrator, digital artist and graphic designer from Zagreb, Croatia.

Currently studying Graphic Design at Zagreb University, he’s interested in digital art, graphic design, photography and other traditional or digital art techniques. He has worked on a number of projects including book covers for Laura Kreitzer and Slobodan Vukanovic.

Adding shading in Photoshop is the key to giving depth to your artworks while colouring them. Here Igor Šcekic shows you the best way to add highlights and shadows – plus glows and other techniques – using this skull- and space-themed artwork.

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You’ll start by create basic blocks of colour – then add depth with light and dark areas for shading.

Igor says that the tutorial shows that knowing every Photoshop tools isn’t essential to creating good work – since this tutorial is created mostly just two tools (the Pen tool and Brush tool).
You can use your own drawing when following the tutorial, or you can download Igor’s drawing from the project files link below. Igor created this artwork for the Playing Arts playing cards series

Project Files

Click here to download this tutorial's project files

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