The Liquify tool is a great feature in Photoshop which allows you to manipulate pixels by pushing, pulling and stretching them across your digital canvas to reshape or restructure a person or object.

The tool is great for adding volume to hair, or reshaping clothing or unflattering bulges caused by your model’s pose. Just remember not to go too far: the Liquify tool is responsible for some of the worst excesses of the media in making men and women – and usually women – look unrealistic. Chances are, if a photo of a celebrity is accused of being “Photoshopped” – ie retouched too far – the Liquify tool has been overused.

In this Photoshop tutorial, Tigz Rice reveals how to achieve the best results when retouching using the Liquify tool – results that are true to life and truly beautiful.

Software used

Photoshop CS5 or higher

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