Step 2 Download the file jw_lady.jpg (right) and open it. Using the Clone Stamp tool with a soft brush, clone out the necklace and any other obvious blemishes or stray hairs. Try to keep the skin-tone even throughout and watch for shifts in highlights and shadows.

Step 3 Next, cut out the head using the Polygonal Lasso tool. Click around the head and neck to select, then hit the Layer Mask button to knock out the background. You can then use the Brush tool to round off and fix the mask as needed.

Step 4 With the headshot selected, open the Hue/Saturation palette and slide the Hue to 187 and the Saturation to 9. This will drop all natural color out and leave a hint of blue. Then, to add a bit of contrast, slide the shadow arrow in Levels to 21 and the highlight to 247.