No matter how often we try and get a good eight hours sleep a night, it’s not always possible – especially when you’re a model (or photographer) getting up at the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise for a shoot. If you’ve ever tried to use the Dodge tool in Photoshop to brighten those tired eyes before, you’ll know that often the whites of the eye become a strange yellow or grey colour, often making the eyes appear worse than before you started. In this tutorial we will be using Channels, which will allow us to achieve a more natural brightening that works every time.

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Channels are where Photoshop stores colour information on an image. In RGB mode, there are three channels (red green and blue) which are effectively black and white maps of your image that inform Photoshop how much of each colour to apply and where.

Although the steps here are geared towards eye brightening, mastering channels will help you in all forms of retouching, no matter what image you are working with.

Time to complete

10 minutes


Photoshop CS5

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