Jennifer Cirpici lives in The Netherlands. Her work is characterised by bright colours and often involves photo manipulation combined with digital painting and vector work. Working with agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, she has created artwork for the likes of Fiat and T-Mobile. Jennifer’s advice to budding digital artists is simple: “Set goals, go for it, don’t let anything stop you, and have fun.”

In this photo manipulation tutorial, Jennifer Cirpici explains how to create a figure that appears made from water, working from a stock photograph.  

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Water is a difficult element to blend, but Jennifer’s tutorial proves it’s not as hard as it looks. She shows you how to achieve a stunning end result with many basic blending tricks, including painting lighting and shadow, and setting up a focal point with a gradient. She also shows you how to make a ‘rain brush’, handy to paint with if you don’t have stock images of water.

The effects here are often used in advertising for drinks or perfume, as water represents freshness, cleanness and the quenching of thirst.

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4 hours



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