Mixing media is a true art form. Brazilian illustrator Murilo Maciel demonstrates this in two new series of experimental artworks, Distressed Beauty and Moon. These mixed media pieces combine high-fashion photography with watercolours and tactile textile textures. The handmade feel is further emphasised by replicating the handmade look of screen printing.

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In this tutorial, Murilo reveals how he composes these pieces. You’ll learn not only how to mix watercolour with photos, and use blending modes effectively, but also how to marry them together, harmoniously.

The model shot and scanned watercolour washes can be found within the download link; these are Murilo’s files for use in the tutorial only. They should not be used in other projects.

Time to complete

2.5 hours


Adobe Photoshop CS or later

Project Files

(it’s free!)

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