Step 14 Now add some lenses to the sunglasses. Use a colour gradient as the lens colour. Set it to Pin Light, Opacity 85%. Darken the lens area slightly. Next, create rectangular-shaped reflections and blur them using the Gaussian Blur filter. Distort them slightly using the Warp tool. Experiment with layer modes to blend in the reflections. 

Step 15 Apply some tint by overlaying magenta onto both the frame and lens. Adjust the overall colours of the portrait by using the following Layer Adjustments: Saturation -20, Levels 33, 1.00, 212. Add a Cooling Filter (80) on top. Create a gradient with the layer mode set to Soft Light and Opacity 50%.

Step 16 Finally, take a break from your work and revisit it later with fresh eyes. You’ll begin to see some of the things that weren’t visible to you before and other ways to improve your creation, for example, adding other elements like the bars to stylise the portrait.


Who: Kittozutto believe in the power of dreams. So it’s hardly surprising that this art and design boutique’s combination of fine illustration and digital imaging techniques has made them a considerable presence in various design books, magazines and portals with their highly detailed, vivid creations. Established just two years ago in 2008, Kittozutto have already received international recognition and have produced work for Beautiful/Decay and Graniph as well as Nike’s World Cup 2010 Artist’s series. 
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher
Time to complete: 8-12 hours

Project Files

The resources for this tutorial may be downloaded from the Download Zone.