Based in Canada, Arturas Petkevicius is a freelance designer and illustrator. He’s currently studying Graphic Design at Ontario College of Art and Design, graduating in 2014. He says: “My style varies all the time. Once I find that I can’t push my design further I move on and find something better.”

It doesn’t take much to make a great looking piece if you have a strong initial concept and some nifty tricks to cover the technical side. In this tutorial Arturas Petkevicius shows you quick and easy techniques ranging from the Warp tool to clipping masks and adjustment layers to create a stunning final image.

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While the techniques seem simple at first glance they offer many opportunities: you can use them to create a sense of movement in your composition, to create realistic effects and textures, or to add a specific sense of colour to your final composition. Best of all, these techniques are flexible and easy to learn.

Time to complete

2-3 hours


Adobe Photoshop

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