Taking advantage of both traditional and digital mediums is a powerful tool in any artist’s arsenal. The ability to quickly produce a piece of digital artwork that retains a level of realism, texture and beauty of traditional mediums is very powerful, especially in a world where deadlines can be tight and expectations high.

In this tutorial, illustrator and product designer David Mahoney will explain how to create a ‘tradigital’ artwork such as that shown here. Entitled Mad About You, it features the photography of Bella Tokaeva. 

Additionally, he’ll take you through the techniques you’ll need to compose a piece of work similar to the one shown here, while shedding light on how some of these can be transferred to a variety of principles. 

You’ll need to use your own photo to follow along directly, but David has kindly supplied the texture packs he used in the project files.

Time to complete 

2.5 hours


Photoshop CS5.1


Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here

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