The design community produces tons of CG resources you can use freely. But how do you create such elements yourself and make the best use of them?

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Here Michael Ostermann will guide you through the process of creating abstract 3D elements in Maxon Cinema 4D. Then he puts them together in Photoshop to generate an incredible fashion illustration.

Before you start the tutorial, try to work out how you will use the elements in your compositing so you have an idea of the size they need to be rendered at. While Michael has used Cinema 4D, most 3D suites will work too. If you don’t own one, grab the fully functional demo of Cinema 4D from, or start at Step 9 and just work in Photoshop using the renders from the project files.

Time to complete

2-3 hours


Maxon Cinema 4D Broadcast or Suite (other 3D applications will work too), Photoshop

Project files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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