This futuristic image – which resembles a Bond villain’s polar lair – is created using three separate applications, and will put your compositing skills through their paces. The structure’s blueprint is created in Illustrator, and then transformed into a 3D object using Cinema 4D (though you could use any 3D suite for this), before being composited into the landscape in Photoshop.

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If you’d prefer to focus on the Photoshop compositing, you can start this tutorial at Step 3 and use the renders supplied in the download.

Once you’ve got your 3D structure in Photoshop, the real work starts: you’ll learn how to clean up the render and make it sit convincingly within its environment. You’ll also hone your lighting and shading skills.

You can download the background image for this tutorial for free.

Software used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Optional: Maxon Cinema 4D (or another 3D tool)

Time taken

3 - 15 hours

Project Files

Click here to download this tutorial's project files

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