Step 11
Add more branches in the background and apply a Gaussian Blur with a radius of 15 pixels, then import a photo of a sky. The one I used was from Shutterstock (

Step 12
Select the sky image and move it below the others in the Layers palette. Still with the layer selected, go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast. Reduce the Brightness to -135 and increase the Contrast to 100. After that go to Image > Adjustment > Hue and Saturation. Select Colorize, then increase the Hue to 262, change the Saturation to 43 and the Lightness to -15. This will give you a very purple background.

Step 13
Select all layers and duplicate them, with the duplicated copies go to Layer > Merge Layers (Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + Shift + E). Select the merged layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 20 pixels and change the blending mode to Screen. The whole image will get shinier. Then with the Eraser tool (E) delete pretty much the whole layer leaving only the face of the cat very well lit.

Step 14
Add another layer and with the Brush tool (B) add a vignette to the design and you’ve practically finished. You can make the eyes brighter by duplicating the blurry layer and changing the blending mode to Screen.

Fabio Sasso

Who: Graphic and web designer Fabio Sasso is best-known for his Photoshop artworks and tutorials. He is also co-founder of Zee, a web-design studio, and he runs a hugely successful digital arts and creativity blog, Abduzeedo.
Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 2-3 hours