Step 7
Now let’s add some teeth. To get a suitably menacing set I used a crocodile image, again from Shutterstock ( Then with the Lasso tool (L) select a part of its mouth and copy it.

Step 8
Paste the teeth onto the cat image and place them. To adjust the form of the teeth to follow the cat’s mouth, once again use the Liquify filter with the Forward tool (W). After that duplicate and flip the teeth horizontally to create the mouth.

Step 9
Add a layer on top of the teeth layers and with the Brush tool (B), using a soft black brush, paint on the edges of the mouth to create a shadow and give the impression of depth. Use Multiply for the blending mode.

Step 10
Now add the branch the cat is lying on. The image I used was from Shutterstock ( Rotate and try to find the best angle for the branches. Also use the Liquify filter with the Twirl Clockwise tool (C) to distort the tree’s branches and create some swirls.