The Liquify palette offers all sorts of ways to distort an image: you can twist and pull specific sections through the Warp tool, expand them so that they look like they’ve been inflated using the Bloat tool, or squish up sections using Pucker.

As with all Photoshop filters, the Liquify tools are usually best used sparingly. However, for this tutorial Sasso whacks all the settings up high and gets stuck in with creating disturbing and distorted Liquify filter effects.

Step 1
Create a new A4 document in Photoshop, then import a suitable photo of a cat – it’s quite important that it’s in a similar pose to this one and that the face is clear – and extract its background. The image I used was bought from Shutterstock; you can download it from

Step 2
Now let’s deform the cat to make it more cartoonish. To do that go to Filter > Liquify. In this palette, use the Bloat tool (B) to bloat the eyes, then the Forward tool (W) to move things around: push the ears down and stretch the mouth in preparation for the big teeth we’ll put there later. Play with the brush sizes, density and pressure with these tools to get the best results.