Conditional Actions seem odd at first, but are really quite useful. They allow you to use basic programming terms – If, Then, Else – to modify Actions to do different things depending on the makeup of an image. These can work based on image information such as RGB or CMYK, or portrait or landscape – or layer properties such as whether a layer is pixels, vectors or adjustment.

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Conditional Actions are great for image processing tasks such as common resizing tasks for the web or pre-press processing, but its ability to respond to layer types makes quite powerful for artworking too.

Here I have two actions that save images for use in a lightbox online. I use the first – 1500 for web – for landscape images to create jpgs that are 1,500 pixels across. The second – 1000 for web – for portrait images.

I want to create a conditional action that automatically runs the right one of these Actions depending on the image itself – which would make applying the action to batches of images easier, using (the File > Automate > Batch command).

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