Graphic and web designer Fabio Sasso is best known for his Photoshop artworks and tutorials. He is also co-founder of Zee, a web-design studio and runs a hugely successful digital arts and creativity blog, Abduzeedo.

Alice in Wonderland is full of dreamlike, grotesquely distorted characters. In this tutorial, Fabio Sasso shows you how to hone your use of the Liquify filter to make an image of the Cheshire Cat that's more like Tim Burton's vision of Alice than Sir John Tenniel's. 

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The Liquify filter offers all sorts of ways to distort an image: you can twist and pull specific sections through the Warp tool, expand them so that they look like they’ve been inflated using the Bloat tool, or squish up sections using Pucker.

As with all Photoshop filters, the Liquify tools are usually best used sparingly. However, for this tutorial Sasso whacks all the settings up high and gets stuck in with creating disturbing and distorted Liquify filter effects.



Time to complete

2-3 hours

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