Step 9
Create a new layer and name it ‘Hair’. Select one of your brushes, set the foreground colour to #000000 and the brush opacity to 75%, then set the layer’s blending mode to Multiply. Have fun creating some hair for our model using your brushes. I’ve gone for a punk-style hairdo, but you can have any style you like.

Step 10
Now that you have the hair done, open bg_texture.psd from the project files (which you can download from the right) and drag it behind the ‘Model’ layer, naming it ‘bg_texture’. Next, select the ‘Model’ layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast and enter the values of 5 and 30. This makes the model’s contrast match the background’s a little better.

Step 11
Create a new layer above the ‘Hair’ layer, call it ‘Hair Colour’ and set the layer opacity to 85%. Go into your Brush palette again, and paint a few coloured sections of hair. I recommend choosing a bold colour – such as #6ADAE6 – to paint with, if you want to make your image pop.