Nik Ainley is a UK based designer who has a passion for producing personal art and illustrations. His work has featured in magazines, books, as album art, and posters.

Taking 3D objects into Photoshop is going to get more popular thanks to the latest release of Photoshop Extended. But you don’t need Adobe’s latest high-end version of Photoshop to create some unique 3D effects – this masterclass works for Photoshop CS and above. In it, type-effects guru Nik Ainley shows how to create the above image.

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The key is to create the letters in a 3D package first as individual characters, then bring them into Photoshop for further post work. Through clever use of Photoshop’s masking tools and layers, Nik has created type with characters that weave in and
out of each other. The characters’ faces also provide a handy canvas for further effects, such as patterns, gradients and lines.



Time to Complete

2 hours

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