Step 8 Make a new layer and call it ‘Front’. This is the layer we are going to work in. Put this layer on top of your other layers. Lock the other layers.

Step 9 In the Brushes panel, select New Brush. Select New Calligraphic Brush and click OK. Rename it Basic Brush and set the Diameter to 1 and the angle to 0°. Choose Cmd/Ctrl + B to activate the brush, using black for the stroke colour and no fill.

Step 10 Now it’s time to start tracing the photo. In general, use the brush for irregular shapes and the Pen tool for more geometrical shapes. Start off by mapping out the basic shapes. It will look a bit messy once you’re finished, but trust me, that’s fine for now. I start off by tracing from the ‘Posterize’ layer and turn to the other layers later if I want to add more detail.