Step 9 Add a new layer and fill it with black. Change its blending mode to Linear Burn at 30% opacity.

Select the Brush tool and a very soft white brush, and start painting in the centre of the layer to create a vignette effect. Use the image above as a reference.

Step 10 Now to create the light leak effect. It’s quite simple really: you may need to use different colours depending on the hues of the image, but the process is always pretty much the same. First add a new layer and then, with the Brush tool and a very soft red brush, start painting some red blobs like the ones shown.

Step 11 Now add a new layer and switch to a smaller yellow brush to paint some yellow spots in the centres of the red ones. That done, go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Push the Distance slider all the way to the right and use 90º for the angle.