In the past few years, Radim Malinic has established himself as a sought-after commercial illustrator. His recent projects have included digital illustrations and photo-based images for clients including Blossom Hill, the London Film Museum, PlayStation, and Penguin Books. His illustrations have also appeared on album covers and in a range of magazines.

Flirty, fancy, and defiantly old-school: burlesque is big news at the moment. It relies on teasing and subtle details for its sexiness, rather than resorting to acres of exposed flesh – meaning that you can be seductive without having to go all-out raunchy.

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In this tutorial, Radim Malinic lets his imagination go for a wander, creating a unique image by blending a burlesque-style central figure with other exuberant, whimsical elements – including a dream catcher and a merry-go-round.

Malinic says: “It’s imperative that you learn how to make your workflow as intuitive as possible. The software should be an extension of your thoughts, rather than making you  into a slave and telling you to use this or that filter. We will explore simple techniques that emphasise colour shifts, quick masking, and adjustment layers.”

The images that Radim has used can be bought for a small cost from, or you can use similar images of your own. Download the images from: (the model), (the feathers) and (the lipstick).


Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Time to complete

4 hours

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