One of the highlights of the BAFTA Awards – alongside finding out who won the craft awards – is the set of beautifully designed posters that are released each year. Commissioned by Shoreditch-based agency Human After All, previous years have seen artworks by Malika Favre and La Boca - and this year it was the turn of Levente Szabo.

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Levente created plus one poster apiece for each of the five Best Film nominees: The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Carol, Spotlight and The Revenant (shown here) – plus the main Awards poster. You can see the others at the end of this article, or in this piece on the BAFTA 2016 Awards posters.

The theme of this year's BAFTA campaign was ‘Window to Another World’, which Levente describes as "a concept that speaks of screen as a magical portal we peer through to experience a vast realm of adventures. This concept explores how the experience of cinema is one that takes place not just within the limits of the screen, but within the limitlessness of our own imaginations."

Over the following pages, Levente takes us through the creation of the BAFTA poster for the eventual winner of the Best Film, The Revenant – a creative process that also underpinned the others in the ser. See also: Watch VFX breakdowns of the BAFTA nominees.

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