Whitening teeth is one of the most common tasks a photographer, artworker or designer needs to do. However, we’ve discovered that most online Photoshop tutorials about how to whiten teeth give you flat, overly bright, fake-looking results.

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So we’ve turned to photographer Tigz Rice to demonstrate how you can whiten teeth in Photoshop, giving your client the perfect smile, in a way that’s subtle and looks realistic.

All of Tigz’s usual models have naturally perfect teeth, so for this tutorial she’s used an photo from iStockPhoto.

The whiten the teeth, you’ll be using Photoshop’s Channels feature. Channel are a type of layer where Photoshop stores colour information for an image. In standard RGB mode, there are three channels (Red Green and Blue), which inform Photoshop how much of each colour to apply and where via greyscale map.

These channels can also be used to pick out certain areas of an image for retouching, such as applying brightening to the teeth, whilst protecting subtle or deep rich tones on the lips.

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