This tutorial will help you develop and hone your creative style by using simple Photoshop and Illustrator methods to create original digital artworks, based on a portrait photo.

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You’ll go back to basics to revisit the fundamentals of digital artworks. To stave off the temptation to resort to bells, whistles, and fancy tools, Freddy Camargo has set himself the challenge of creating the tutorial entirely in Photoshop Elements 5.0. The steps here are for Photoshop CS or above, though.

There is a wealth of websites offering stock textures and vector works, but in this tutorial Camargo shows you how to create your own textures, from scratch. The aim is to become more confident with your artwork and to develop a free-flowing style. You’ll use simple traditional materials and Photoshop and Illustrator tools to create satisfying effects that have endless uses beyond the masterclass.

Camargo says: “You don’t need a big budget to create images like this: you just need a few watercolours, a scanner, and a camera. Ask your friends to model.”

The stock model image that the tutorial is based on was created by Camargo, who has kindly given us permission to include it in the download.


Adobe Photoshop CS or later

Time to complete

1 - 2 hours

Project Files

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