Removing the background from a photograph can be a really tricky task, particularly if the subject you want to cut out has lots of hair, or if the background is exceedingly complex. Here, we take you through the process of removing a background from an image to help you overcome that challenge.

First, you'll need to open the image you wish to remove the background from in Adobe Photoshop. Here, I'm using a photograph I took of a giraffe at Colchester Zoo to demonstrate, and I'm using Adobe CC. This technique will work in Photoshop CS5 and above, though some elements may look slightly different.

Once you've chosen the image you want to remove the background from and opened it in Photoshop, use the slideshow controls above and right to follow the remaining steps in the tutorial.

Time to complete

10 minutes

Software needed

Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later

Project Files

(it’s free!)