Here, as part of our beginner's guide, we show you how to change the text colour in Adobe Photoshop.

First, you'll need to open the image you want to add text to, or open a new blank document to add your text to. For the purpose of this tutorial, we've opened a photograph we took in San Francisco (above).

Input your text by clicking the Text tool ('T') in the toolbar, clicking and dragging to create a text box, and typing your text in to the text box.

Choose your font and font style from the drop down menus in the Text options bar, and then choose the size you prefer too (you can change this later if you change your mind).

Use the Color Picker to choose a text colour

You'll also be able to see a rectangular box with your current text colour shown in it in the Text options bar along the top. Highlight your text and then click on this box. You'll now see the Color Picker (Text Color) window (above).

From here, you can pick the colour you prefer from the colour picker, by moving the circle around inside the colour picker box. To change the hue, click on your preferred colour in the thin, multi-coloured box in beside the colour picker box.

You'll see the current and new colours in the box beside the hue selector.

If you know the code of the colour you want to use, you can type that in to the input box to the right of the Color Picker window.

Click Color libraries to see Pantone colours and other colour libraries (above).

While the Color Picker window is open, you can hover your curser over your image to select a colour using the eyedropper tool. This can be handy for picking a colour that matches exactly with colours in your image.

Once you have chosen your colour, click 'OK'.

You'll now be able to see your text with the colour you have chosen.

Change the colour of individual letters

By highlighting or selecting individual letters or words, you can change the colours of those characters if you want to.

Other ways to change text colour in Photoshop

There are other ways to change the colour of text in Photoshop, too.

You can choose background and foreground colours from the toolbar by clicking on the boxes (shown above) and selecting the colour from the Color Picker window.

Once you've chosen the background and foreground colours, you can highlight your text and press Alt+Backspace on Windows or Option+Delete on Mac OS to change the text to the foreground colour. To change to the background colour, press Ctrl+Backspace on Windows or Command+Delete on Mac OS.

Alternatively, you can use the Swatches panel (above) to select a colour for your text. If you can't see the Swatches panel, go to Window and tick Swatches.