It's a well-known saying that eyes are the window to the soul. They also play a huge role in photography, drawing the viewer into the image. In this tutorial, photographer Tigz Rice demonstrates a quick-and-easy eye brightening technique for making your images pop, using channels in Photoshop.

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Channels are a type of layer where Photoshop stores colour information for an image. In standard RGB mode, there are three channels (Red Green and Blue), which inform Photoshop how much of each colour to apply and where via greyscale map.

These channels can also be used to pick out certain areas of an image for retouching, such as applying brightening to the lighter areas of the eyeball, whilst protecting the deeper, richer tones of the pupil and iris.

Working from a shot captured under carefully arranged lighting with a professional model, the effect shown here by Tigz is rather subtle – but this technique works just as well when more dramatic results are necessary. Just don't push it too far as your subject with look like they're possessed.

Model: Aurora Galore.

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