Want to merge a number of images seamlessly into one design? In this tutorial, Kevin Roodhorst illustrates how to make an Africa-inspired graphic compiled from a number of photographic elements. You will be shown how to add several textures and effects, including lighting effects, using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Step 1 In Photoshop, start with a dark background that has grungy textures. Download the images you want – I chose an elephant (bit.ly/9SZhD1), a frog (bit.ly/9YoxOa), bongos (bit.ly/a0dLB4) and a tiger (bit.ly/cLyWHT). You will also need a model shot. Paste them into the image and desaturate using Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

Step 2 Now add a background image. Here, I wanted the hair of the model to combine with shapes in the background, so behind the objects I have placed a 3D design that I made using Cinema 4D.