Step 8 Add a Layer Mask to the dotted oval and, using the Brush tool (B), mask out a portion to make it look like the line goes behind the model’s head. If the oval is a Smart Object, rasterise the layer. Hit the ‘Lock transparent pixels’ button and add a linear gradient of beige, red and black to the oval. Duplicate ‘Track 1’ as ‘Track 2’ and rotate and move it to form a second ring around the model’s head.

Step 9 Now let’s scatter a few orbs around the hair. Start by creating a new layer, then select the Ellipse tool and make a small circle. Make sure you hit the ‘Lock transparent pixels’ button, then apply a radial gradient to the circle using black-to-white. It should now look like a sphere. Set the blending mode to Overlay.

Step 10 Go to the Lines layer and, using the Line tool (U) set at 5px, draw a horizontal line intersecting the model’s eyes. Set the blending mode to Overlay and the opacity to 75%.

Now duplicate the layer five times. Select all the ‘Lines’ layers and hit the ‘Distribute vertical centers’ button on the Options bar to even out the spacing of the lines. Add a Layer Mask to this group and use the Airbrush tool to mask the areas around the eyes.