After working as an art director on magazines, Davies is now a freelance graphic artist and designer. With a portfolio featuring work for Games magazine, renegade T-shirt label Dirty Velvet, and portraits for HD, there’s little time left over for sitting on the beach in his native Bournemouth.

The rise of truly independent record labels and a DIY music scene has provided a great number of emerging creatives to flex their artistic muscles. The aesthetic that best captures the movement seems to draw from several influences – punk, doodles and eclectica are the most obvious.

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Here, we’ll concentrate on distilling this aesthetic into a gig poster. Poster design has special challenges: it should work both as a piece of art, and as a powerful attractant drawing people to the event. As well as picking up some tips for making your poster striking, you’ll also learn techniques for recreating a hand screen-printed poster look in Photoshop.

Learn to employ a mish-mash of photography, drawings and text to create a rich, textured functional piece of art. The techniques on offer here also translate well into creating flyers, zines, editorial art, CD covers and T-shirts.

The card texture for the tutorial can be download below; the other images required can be downloaded for free from


Adobe Photoshop

Time to complete

2 hours

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