Take one alluring fashion image – and add to its mystery using some clever photomontage techniques. In this tutorial, up-and-coming creative Bram Vanhaeren shows how you can transform fashion photography into edgy, enigmatic illustrations in just a few steps.

You’ll create and layer textures, vector elements and little doodles to draw the viewer’s attention and keep them noticing little details. Bram shows how to use the Warp tool to seamlessly blend elements, and to sample parts of your model’s clothing.

You’ll liven up your image’s subtle colour palette with dynamic flashes. The effect is on-trend but distinctive – and the techniques you’ll learn can be used for other photomontages.

The model shot was created by Katanaz-Stock and can be downloaded for free from DeviantArt at The paper texture is by bashcorpo and can be downloaded for free from DeviantArt at

Time to complete

2-3 hours


Adobe Photoshop