Step 12
Shift + drag Distress_2.jpg as a new layer, set the blending mode to Screen, the opacity to 80% and label it ‘Polaroid 2’. Follow the same technique for X-ray.jpg, setting the blending mode to Overlay and labelling it ‘X-ray’.

Step 13
Drag the mouse Group Folder into your new canvas and position, rotate and scale it as shown. Next drag and drop Bones_render.png as a new layer and label it ‘Bones’. Set the blending mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and lower the opacity to 35%, then hit Cmd/Ctrl + I to invert the selection. Drag and drop Skin_render.png and label it ‘Skin’. Set the blending mode to Linear Light and drop the opacity to 35%. Align the hand and bone layers, then Shift + click both layer icons and scale and position them over the mouse as shown.

Step 14
Draw an open path for the cable extending into the mouse. Add a new layer above the mouse folder, then select a hard-edged 60-pixel brush. Pick a pale pink as your foreground colour and click on the Stroke path icon at the foot of the paths palette. Add an Inner Glow Layer Style with a Multiply Mode using a dark purple. Adjust opacity to 55% and the Size to 32 pixels. Now set the blending mode to Luminosity.