In the third and final tutorial featuring work by members of the Depthcore collective’s Obsolete exhibition (, digital art master Pete Harrison explains how he uses photographs of paint splashes and splatters to add dynamism to a fashion shot.

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The tutorial shows you how to use the Pen tool and colour selection tools to isolate key parts of the composition and then combine them. You’ll also learn to create some grungy and explosive effects, adding oomph to the image. At the very end, Pete shows how adding a gradient map can bring a different look to the work.

While all the sample images you need to create this artwork are in the tutorial’s project files, you can give any subject more dynamism – and a surreal feel – using the effects here. There are two things to bear in mind: it helps if the background is relatively plain and, as always, some experimentation is needed.

Time to Complete

3 hours


Adobe Photoshop

Project files

Files for this tutorial are downloadable from here.

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