In this tutorial we’ll look at some of the illustration techniques used by Swedish designer and artist Per Gustafsson. You’ll learn how to use them, what to create out of them, and how to tweak them on your own. 

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Per explores some of Photoshop’s less well-known tools, including the Polar Coordinates filter, the Exclusion blending mode and the Channel Mixer adjustment, to create striking creative effects that are impossible – or at least tricky and time-consuming – using regular, day-to-day tools.

The tutorial also explains how to add depth to artworks using only Photoshop’s layer tools, without using any 3D or special plugins. You’ll learn about filter effects and ways of using tools you can apply on anything you work with in Photoshop. 

Time to complete

3-4 hours


Photoshop CS4.1 or later

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