Emma Leonard is a Melbourne-based illustrator, who combines traditional media with digital techniques to create carefully considered renderings of delicate femininity, fragility and ethereal beauty. Her clients have included Random House, Mitsubishi, Covergirl, Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Rebecca Taylor, Elle Québec and Madison magazine.

Emma Leonard’s portrait artworks are simply beautiful. Her linework and texture is largely hand-drawn using a selection of pencils, with Photoshop used to add colour and subtle lighting effects that help bring out the soft femininity at the heart of much of her work.

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Here Emma takes you through the digital part of her creative process. Starting with a carefully rendered drawing, she details how she colours it by employing simple techniques such as multiplying layers, altering opacities and adding swatches of watercolour in a restricted palette to achieve a soft and ethereal illustration.

Time to complete 

9 hours (7 hours drawing, 2 hours in Photoshop)

Tools & Materials

Pencils, watercolours, illustration board, Photoshop CS5 or later

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