From sketching the initial concept all the way through to final piece, here you will follow the creation of an editorial illustration that mixes rich textures and flowing vector curves.

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The artwork featured is Simon Brader’s The Donor Trail. It was commissioned by the Radio Times for a feature on a Radio 4 play about the emotional journey of a donor heart, as seen from the perspective of the donor’s and the recipient’s families.

Simon says the illustration, which was selected for the AOI’s Images 35 annual and exhibition, represents the dichotomy of a heart transplant: that for someone to live, someone else must die. The hourglass serves as a metaphor for their respective lives.

Simon hopes the tutorial will increase your confidence in mixing Illustrator’s bezier curves and clipping masks with Photoshop’s colour management. The tutorial should also provide an insight into the thought process that goes into creating distinctive work to a brief.

Time to complete

1 day

Software used

Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5

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