Marguerite Sauvage is a self-taught illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Her client have included Apple, Marshall Fields, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton and Orange. She has also exhibited her work worldwide. 

Recently, French illustrator Marguerite Sauvage created a series of portraits called Flower Women, which she describes as “fashionable, traditional-looking, very feminine”. Here she takes us through the development of one of them, Sylvie.

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Flower Women was a personal project and Marguerite says she was: “Totally free to experiment and play. I wanted to create not only a portrait but to tell a story. It’s possible to do this with only few details: like the fishes, the aquatic lines on her top or the vegetable of her head.”

Marguerite notes that every artist’s process is personal, but hopes that by showing how she develops her artwork, she can encourage you to try some of her techniques and add to what you do already. She’s also a big exponent of play during the creative process.

“What is important is to keep on letting yourself be surprised by what you do,” Marguerite says, “Little accidents will be the single and unique events that will lead you to find your proper and personal style – and this is so exciting and pleasant that it will strengthen you in your passion.”

Time to complete 

3 to 4 hours


Pencils, paper, Photoshop CS5

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