Album and single covers are often a great way for an upcoming illustrator to make a name for themselves. Although the art does seem to be dying out, when done well it can really lead to great things. We asked Gordon Reid, aka Middle Boop, to create a single cover based on one of his favourite songs. He chose Mogwai’s How To Be A Werewolf (with the band’s permission), and the result is a great example of the form. 

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“I aimed to create something a little different, hark back to the times of [legendary graphic designer for the 4AD label] Vaughan Oliver and create some stylised chaos,” says Gordon.

He will show you a slick psychedelic-influenced cover by adding a unique twist on a few simple filters. You will go through editing stock images quickly and easily as well as some useful tools in Illustrator such as the Blend tool. This will teach you how to manage multiple layers on top of merging a number of techniques and preparing for print.

Time to complete

2-3 hours


Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 or later

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