Step 8 With your reference to hand, use the Pen tool (P) to draw various Damask shapes, keeping in mind how they will fit together further down the line. Typically, shapes on Damask fabrics have leafy elements with decorative swirls that surround a centrepiece, so try to design your elements to fit that ideal. The ones I used are included on the Download Zone, if you want to use or adapt them.

Step 9 Once you have your Damask assets drawn, it’s time to create some art icons. We’ll mix these in with the Damask shapes to give the pattern some obvious purpose and reinforce the ‘career progression’ theme. Again, use the Pen tool (O) to create simple representations of whatever you like – I’ve drawn a iMac shape, a calligraphic pen nib and some french curves. I’ve included my assets on the Download Zone.

Step 10 You should now have a good bank of assets to use in the final composition. Start arranging them into a more traditional Damask crest – using your reference to make sure you keep it looking authentic.
In this case, I’ve integrated some of my art shapes into the design to give it that ‘second look’ factor. Don’t be afraid to hide these parts a little in the design as it adds interest for the viewer and gives them something to discover.