Step 5 We should now add some people climbing the steps, so we need to source some photography to use as a base, from which to draw. I used some images from Shutterstock (,, and If you don’t have an account, you could do a Creative Commons search on Google, or simply go out and take your own pictures – they don’t need to be of high resolution, but just enough to give you the correct positions.

Step 6 You can be as true to the base image as you like, or add in your own details, like portfolio cases and different clothing. I’ve retained a few simple details in mine by using custom brushes, as opposed to going for straight silhouettes. I’ve included these brushes for you on the Download Zone.

Step 7 Once your people are drawn, we need to start creating our Damask assets, from which we’ll build our main graphic. As before, look for some images of Damask to get a feel for the sorts of shapes it traditionally contains, and keep them handy as a reference.