The LAB colour space is a rarely used feature of Photoshop, yet it has been around in Photoshop for years and is the perfect colour space for improving the colour in your images.

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While RGB mode allows us to work with the red, green and blue channels separately – and CMYK lets us play with cyan, magenta, yellow and black – in LAB we have Lightness, A and B.

The L channel is the lightness channel, which acts independently of colour, while the A channel contains colour information for green and magenta, and the B channel contains colour information for blue and yellow.

By separating lightness from colour, we can make some quick adjustments to our image that, perhaps, might be time consuming or less accurate in another colour space.

Today we’ll be manipulating this photo of top burlesque performer Missy Fatale in the LAB colour space to increase the vibrancy of the colours: particularly in her hair, the snake and the green surroundings.

Time to complete

5 minutes

Software needed

Photoshop CS or Creative Cloud

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