This tutorial guides you through some simple steps that will help you create a psychedelic-influenced Pharaoh-themed illustration. The use of bold colour and blurring techniques are brought together with hand-rendered imagery to successfully create a very eye-catching piece of artwork.

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You will learn how to tidy up drawn line work and you will construct a number of line work layers, which later form a completed composition. The use of some vector halftone-style dots adds a slight ‘pop art’ flavour to the work, this file is included on the project files.

Our project files include the layered low-res artwork I worked from, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, replace the Pharaoh element with a character of your choice. The main thing to focus on is a reflected composition and a bold colour palette. The use of the eyes in this example do help to make it more striking, so if you use another character it might be worth thinking about how you can acheive the same effect.

If you’re sitting comfortably, I think it’s time to get psychedelically started.

Time to complete

1 day


Adobe Photoshop

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