This tutorial from Dutch Photoshop master Jennifer Cirpici shows you how to combine abstract elements with photographs for a hyperreal effect. Jennifer says that this is the first time she has combined these two styles, but wanted to try it out just to see what the results would be.

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“As an artist it’s important to come out of your comfort zone and experiment with new techniques and styles,” she says. “Yes, it is good to have a style, but your style can come back in little elements like the way you colour. Never do only the same kind of art repeatedly.”

Jennifer will teach you how to make these abstract elements in Illustrator and how to paste them into Photoshop. You’ll learn how to add realistic elements, how to handle lighting, and, all in all, how to seamlessly combine vector with photo manipulation: two completely different styles.

Time to complete

5 hours


Illustrator & Photoshop

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