Step 14 We want to add a simple vignette effect. Add a layer on top. Fill it with black. Change the blending mode to Multiply. Select the Brush tool (B) and a very big soft brush, with white for the colour. Paint over the girl’s face and other areas, leaving just the edges.

Step 15 To add a glow effect, first select all the layers, and right click > Duplicate Layers. With the duplicated layers still selected, go to Layer > Merge Layers (Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E). Next, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Use 20 pixels for the Radius. Change the blending mode to Screen and reduce the Opacity to 80%.

Fabio Sasso

Who: Graphic and Web designer Fabio Sasso is best known for his Photoshop artworks and tutorials. He is also the co-founder of Zee, a Web-design studio, and he runs a hugely successful digital arts and creativity blog, Abduzeedo.
 Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher
Time to complete:
4 hours