Printed illustrations usually appear on paper or canvas. However, as we covered in our November 2011 issue, Man-Tsun has experimented with an unusual way to present his art – printing it on transparent plastics for display at hip Hong Kong bookstore Kubrick.

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Man-Tsun positioned artworks so that they would form a series of connected pieces when viewed from certain places in the store. He placed a crow inside a woman’s veil to give the impression of being caged – and told stories like that of the guitarist in a deadly garden. This was the central piece in the exhibition, and here Man-Tsun details its creation, starting in Photoshop and moving to Illustrator to transform a flat artwork into a transparent installation.

Man-Tsun hopes the tutorial will inspire you to experiment with new materials and forms of illustration.

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4 days


Illustrator & Photoshop

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