Matt Nelson is a motion designer and general internet dude.  He runs an independent collective and creates content for brands, agencies, and studios. He’s had the privilege of working with names such as Disney and GQ, as well as having his work featured in the New York Times.

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating abstract, science fiction imagery inspired by futuristic movies, geometric patterns and modern design.

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Though you’ll be mainly working in Photoshop, you’ll also use a couple of other tools you get with your Creative Cloud subscription – After Effects and Illustrator – plus the Trapcode Form plug-in

Creating complex, mesmerizing visuals with Trapcode Form is surprisingly quick and simple to begin using and implementing into your projects. Just by importing a simple OBJ file, you can create complex, gorgeous visuals.

Although After Effects and Trapcode are typically used for motion design and animation, they also provide robust functionality to use with still imagery. You’ll learn how to integrate After Effects and Trapcode Form into your workflow, combine different file formats, and use simple textures to add a stunning finish to the overall image.

In addition, you'll learn how to use create quick geometric patterns with Illustrator, leverage  Photoshop’s new Blur Gallery to achieve faster results, and get the most out of colour correction.

Software needed

Adobe After Effects CC 2014, Trapcode Form 2.0 Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Time to complete

3 hours


The female head model can be obtained from Turbo Squid. The vintage textures are from Lost and Found here and here.

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