Paul Holland’s work is often figurative. He draws with a range of regular pencils (from 5H to 6B, he says), as well as pulling out his pens and paintbrush. He then brings the results into Photoshop, where he adds components and applies colour and textures, digitally enhancing the final visual through the use of some classically inspired montage techniques.

Here Paul demonstrates how he went about producing a portrait of singer Beth Ditto for an editorial illustration. He hopes the tutorial will inspire you to explore the endless possibilities available in software. The techniques outlined here aren’t complex. What’s more, they maintain the integrity of the original hand drawing, preserving the artist’s style and individuality.

Having followed this tutorial, you should be able to take a drawing and turn it into something that’s not only stunning but also worthy of being used for a commercial project.

Time to complete

3 hours, excluding drawing time


Adobe Photoshop

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