Step 7 To create this shadow beneath our model, make a quick selection from her with the Lasso tool and then right click/Ctrl-click > Fill and select your jewellery pattern. Don’t forget to make a new layer under our model’s layer.

Step 8 We’re getting close to our finishing touches. As I mentioned in the beginning, I love to work with a paper texture in the background as it really adds to the depth of the piece without limiting you unduly. Here, I’m also going to highlight the model by adding white shapes – using the Lasso tool – behind her. I’ve created shapes that are similar to white abstract flames. On the paper texture this is subtle but highly effective.

Step 9 And now for some finishing touches. Add some abstract shapes and rough brush strokes. Now select a striking colour and highlight some parts of the model. Finally, take a round, soft brush at 60% opacity and paint some pink and blue over your model in a new layer. Change the layer’s blending mode to Screen or Lighten.

About this tutorial

About the author: At 19 years old, Belgian illustrator Bram Vanhaeren is already making a name for himself, forming the Into1 studio with his brother Tim. Together they take on illustration and web-design commissions, while their desktop wallpapers and tutorials have appeared in a variety of high-profile blogs. Bram’s style ranges from straight-up illustrations to typography projects and mixed-media artworks.

Their portfolio is online at

Time to complete: 2-3 hours

Software used: Adobe Photoshop