Step 4 At the moment the 3D shape doesn’t fit in with the piece at all: to integrate it more smoothly we’ll need to use the Warp tool. First merge the light and shadow layers, so that each 3D shape is a single layer. 

Choose a particular shape and think of a place you want to blend it into – here I chose her upper legs. Now go to Edit > Transform > Warp and drag those parts into position.

Step 5 We’re going to use the interesting pattern from the model’s clothing. First, take the coloured model layer and duplicate it again. Cut out the checked pattern from her shoulder and arms with the Lasso tool. Go to Edit > Transform > Warp again and place it around her leg or arm as an armband – or any other use you can think of.

Step 6 Add some more coloured shapes in the background, and little elements that work well with the model – here, I’ve added some gold jewellery and a black abstract bird, as well as adding some drips to her wrist to conceal where her hand is cropped off.

Next, we need to create a pattern texture – in this case, I used a photo of a silver ring that I downloaded for free from stock.xchng (download it from Select a part of the jewelry, and select Edit > Define Pattern, and name your pattern.